• P A I N •

Five years ago TODAY my hubby asked me to marry him. As you may know he had the paparazzi hiding in the bushes taking pics of us the whole time- and I had NO IDEA! 🤣

If you would have told me 6 years ago that within the next 6 years I would be happily married with a 2 year spitfire of a little girl, running my own mom boss business from the comfort of my home I would have probably laughed right in your face.

Six years ago I was in the deepest darkest place I have ever been.

I was in an abusive relationship, feeling stuck, feeling alone, feeling like I wanted out but I didn’t know HOW to leave. I didn’t know how to admit to anyone that I had let it get so bad.

He had control of all my money, my cell phone, my credit cards, my bank account, he told me when I could go to work and when I couldn’t.

I wasn’t allowed to leave the house or go anywhere unless he was with me, not even to go to the grocery store. He put a tracking app on my phone so he knew where I was at all times.

I was a prisoner in his home.

How did it get that way?

It sure didn’t start out that way.

No one in their right mind would jump into that willingly.

He started out loving, caring and kind.

He sent me roses to my work almost weekly.

He held the car door open for me.

He told me I was beautiful.

Then slowly it started to change.

The fun happy loving person changed into a horrible, controlling, mean, manipulating, abusive man. That still sent me flowers to work, to make himself look good- and to confuse me. CONFUSION is an abusers best friend.

I eventually got out.

But I had to take the steps to get out.

I had to get uncomfortable and admit what was going on.

I had to reach out and tell someone and ask for help.

This was not something I could do alone.

God sent me two amazing women, that helped me leave that horrible situation.

To this day I literally owe my life to them.

He got me home safe to my moms house.

He sent me to live with my cousin, who opened her home and let me live with her and her family rent free so I could get back on my feet.

She invited me to church, where I found my purpose and my passion.

She helped me find a job.

She helped me get on a budget so I could get out of debt & save money.

Because of her I accepted Jesus as my savior & was baptized.

God orchestrated all of that for me.

But I had to take the actions of accepting the help.

I had to give in and let others help me.

Then God sent me Dallas.

He knew I needed him.

He knew I needed a patient loving kind man, who supported me and loved me though my healing progress. Even when I was hard to deal with, even when things got bad, even when I lost all hope in myself, doubting that I would ever heal.

Dallas stayed, he told me I would get better- and he believed what he said.

He believed in me even when I didn’t.

My cousin believed in me even when I didn’t.

My friends believed in me even when I didn’t.

My family believed in me even when I didn’t.

If you are in a place in your life where you feel stuck, you feel like there is no way out. I’m here to tell you there is.

But you HAVE to take action.

You can’t sit there WISHING something will change.

You have to WORK for the change.

It won’t be EASY,

But take it from me,

It will be WORTH it.

You will have to step out of your comfort zone and do scary things.

I always thought that leaving the abusive relationship was the hardest thing I had ever done, but it wasn’t-

It was actually the SCARIEST thing I have ever done.

Staying in that relationship was the HARDEST thing I have ever done.

There are two types of pain in this world

The pain of discipline &

The pain of regret.

Don’t regret not trying,

That’s the most painful pain of all.


• P O O L • R A T•

If you knew me as a kid, you knew I could ALWAYS be found at the pool.

Even the lifeguards had a nickname for me, which if I told you what it was you would be like, uh what in the world!?!?

My first crush was on a lifeguard named Mark. YES, I remember his name.

I looked up to all the lifeguards, I thought they were all so cool AND I’m pretty sure they loved me.

– Or maybe I was just a super annoying little kid that they just put up with! 🤣

Either way, I LOVED being in the water.

So me, the little pool rat turned into a swim lesson aide. Helping to teach lessons.

Which turned into getting my lifeguarding certification. That turned into getting my swim lesson certification.

Then I got my instructors certification so I could TEACH CPR and I taught lifeguarding classes & swim lesson instructor classes.

So I was actually the one teaching people how to TEACH swim lessons!

Then I even became the Aquatics Director for a while until I moved out to the east coast, where I continued my lifeguarding career in the summers and coaches gymnastics in the winters.

To say I loved it was an understatement!!

Then when I fell into an abusive relationship, He made fun of me, he told me I didn’t have a REAL job, he told me I wasn’t smart. That I’ll never get anywhere if I don’t go to college and get a degree. He told me to grow up.

So I started to second guess my passion.

And I stopped lifeguarding and stopped teaching swim lessons. I lost my love for it.

That makes me so sad. It breaks my heart.

To think that someone could have such an influence on me, that I would give up my on my passion, I gave up on the ONE thing that made me happy- the one thing I was really good at!!

I did eventually find my other passion in doing Massage Therapy & teaching clinic classes for a massage school. And I loved it. But soon, that too got made fun of because it wasn’t a “real” job and I felt like I would never ever been good enough.

Fast forward.



Notice – I didn’t say PERFECT.

We have our struggles, our miscommunication, misunderstandings, we butt heads, BUT there is one huge difference.

My husband SUPPORTS and encourages me in any and everything I do.

He has his degree and part of a masters degree, but he has never thought any less of me because I don’t.

He tells me to chase my dreams & to follow my passions. He tells me to do what makes me happy!

When I became a HEALTH & WELLNESS COACH after telling him that, while I loved staying home with our daughter I really felt like I should be helping people.

Especially women.

I told him I felt like my purpose in life was to educate and to help. And guess what?

He was my number one cheerleader !

He pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and do the things that scared me! To chase my dreams and goals- and then to set new ones.

So when an opportunity fell in my lap to be able to teach swim lessons at MTU I jumped at it! I told him I would love to teach lessons part time and he said, “DO IT! We will make it work!!”

I’m super proud & excited to announce that I will be a Private Swim Lesson Instructor at Michigan Tech starting in July and throughout the school year!

I’m so excited to get back into the water and provide swim lessons for our community, as there is a HUGE need for it here!

I believe it is so important that people learn how to swim, even just the basic skills like floating and treading water to help prevent accidental drowning.

I will also eventually be getting certified again as swim lesson instructor trainer and lifeguarding instructor so I can teach people how to be a lifeguard and how to teach swim lessons!! 🙌🏼

I’m so excited to get back to my roots of swimming and my love for water! As well as still being able to maintain my full time (work from anywhere) health & wellness coaching career AND a “stay at home” mama to my number one employer, Miss Jade.

So, enquiring minds want to know-

💁🏼‍♀️Can you swim?? 🏊🏼‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️


All In

Throughout our marriage there have been times when one of us wasn’t able (or let’s face it, sometimes not willing) to step up to the plate, so to speak and do their share.

((Like this time, when I was so sick from a serious complication from having my gallbladder removed. I suffered a bile leak about a week after I got home, which turned into a liver abscess, which eventually turned into sepsis, that permanently damaged my liver. We were new parents to a 6 month old baby at the time. My hubby is a high level hockey coach and travels 3-4 days a week during the season with his team. He balanced taking care of me, shuttling me back and forth to the doctors and the hospital almost daily, administering my IV antibiotics at home for 6 weeks, caring for our infant baby, who refused to take a bottle at the time, he cooked, he cleaned, he juggled scheduling people coming over to our home to help care for me, as our extended family lives 10 hours away. He did all this- without skipping a beat. Just because its what you do, its what you have to do to survive. There is NO way I could ever make it up to him or repay him for all he sacrificed for us during this difficult time where I was literally fighting for my life.))

There have been times when one of us had to do way more than our (quote, unquote) fair share. But you know what, that’s okay. Because I know eventually he will need me to step up and do more, or I will need him to do more. That’s what a team does. It’s not about being divided equally in half. It’s about working together as ONE.

Marriage isn’t about giving a half-hearted attempt. It is not meant to be transactional. Meaning, I’ll do this ONLY if you so that. That is a business transaction not a relationship. That’s keeping score and using it against the other person.

A good marriage, a great marriage – is about giving your ALL, even if the other person can’t. And even if they won’t.

• In a 100/100 marriage, you don’t keep score.

• In a 100/100 marriage, you give even when giving is hard. Even when you don’t want to give. Even when you feel like you have nothing left to give.

• In a 100/100 marriage, you give your all, holding nothing back, even if you don’t get anything in return. Even if you feel like you might be doing more than the other person.

• In a 100/100 marriage, you give, because you love, unconditionally. You give them your all.

Now, Hopefully- Your spouse will see that you are ALL IN and they will return the favor and love that you are giving, but hear me out… Even if they don’t return it-

Your wedding VOWS–



Those things, You made before God, before your friends and before your family–

They are NOT based upon on your spouse and what they do and what they don’t do.

They are based on you,

And what YOU DO.

They are based upon the commitment you made to your spouse and to God.

A 100/100 marriage is not easy.

But it is worth it.

{**Disclaimer**- I will be the first person to tell you the only instance in when this is NOT TRUE is when you are being abused, manipulated and blatantly mistreated by your spouse. If you think you are being abused or are in an abusive situation (mental or physical) – Please take it from me- I was in a very seriously abusive relationship before I met my current husband, and didn’t realize it until it was too late. Please if you are being abused- Seek help NOW. }

Judge-y Judgerton

I’d like to think of my self as a pretty non-judgmental person.

Not much surprises me anymore, as I have been though the ringer in life.

I’m very willing to give people the benefit of the doubt based upon life’s circumstances.

I’ll see a kid screaming in the grocery store and instead of rolling my eyes, like my 20 year old self would have done, I say to myself, “oh that poor mama has probably had a rough day.” If we happen to make eye contact I’ll say “Oh my little one does the EXACT SAME THING, hang in there mama it will get better!”

But something happened when I got down here on vacation in Naples. I became super self conscious and kinda judgmental towards the people here. I literally had to snap myself out of it yesterday.

People here have more money than they know what to do with!

I have never seen so many Porches, Range Rovers, Bentleys, Maseratis, or Teslas in one place!

Everyone is so put together. Their make-up is all done up, beautifully styled hair & the women are dressed to the 9’s in bright colorful beach clothing.

I’m over here still in hibernation mode, pasty white legs (which are now sunburnt) and pretty muted, not very colorful clothing. Along with my HUGE wavy frizzy, beach hair & don’t even get me started on the humidity, putting on makeup is the LAST thing I want to do!!

I quickly felt out of place.

I kept thinking to myself, people are probably starring at me & making fun of me. It started to really get to me.

It brought me back to a time in my life where I didn’t like myself very much. Always trying to please others, do what society expected, or what others told me I should be doing, instead of doing what just made me comfortable & happy.

All the girls are in their cute little bikinis and I’m over here in my mom tankini, thinking- “ugh!! I should have brought a different swim suit. You know, that cute little one, the one where the second I get up & move around,

I fall out of it & flash people! Yeah, that one.” Then I sigh and remind myself how extremely comfortable my mom tankini is- and how I don’t have to worry about flashing people in it.

I got really angry getting dressed yesterday, Which rarely happens to me anymore. I have gotten really good at dressing & shopping for my body type. Not to mention, where I currently live- Hancock MI- The style for the last 8 months has literally been jeans, a hoodie, Sorrels and a warm coat!

That is what everyone wears and that is honestly what I have felt most comfortable in. I think went through a bit of a culture shock here!

I yelled out to my hubby, who was anxiously waiting for me to get ready-

I have NOTHING to wear. (Not true)

NOTHING fits me anymore! (Not true)

I HATE my body! (Not true)

NOTHING fits my chest , it drives me crazy!! I can’t find ANY cute flattering clothes that don’t show off my cleavage!! I WANT A BREAST REDUCTION!!!!! (Eh, Somewhat True)

Then the REAL truth came screaming out – literally.

“The people down here make me feel bad about myself!

I feel like they are judging me, & making fun of me behind my back.

I feel frumpy! I feel out of place, I DON’T BELONG HERE!”

My hubby, the amazing person that he is – says,

“Well, lets just go shopping! I’ll help you pick out a few pieces of clothing that will look good here and back home!’


Obviously, I was being ridiculous. But it is how I felt at the time.

Isn’t it funny how a change in the environment can make your perception of the world around you change? I went back to the girl that I was in my 20’s. That self conscious girl who worried what others thought. That girl who wanted to be just like everyone else. That girl who didn’t want to get looked at for being out of place. But the TRUTH is-


And that’s OKAY!

We aren’t rich.

We don’t have enough money to buy a Maserati.

We don’t wear fancy schmancy clothes.

It’s not who we are.

I like who we are.

I had to remind myself of that!

I like our little Honda Accord

I like my jeans, flip flops, & T-shirts.

I’m comfortable that way!

I had to give myself a little pep talk, “JANET, JUST BE YOU!”

And those people that I THOUGHT were judging me.

Who cares what they think? I reminded myself that I don’t base my self worth and self esteem on what others opinions of me are. I base my self worth on who God says I am.

I was judging them. Thinking that they were probably thinking that they are better than me. But in reality, are they? Are they thinking that? Just because they dress a little nicer? Probably not. And if they are? Who cares! Were they judging me? Who knows?

But I do know ONE thing –

I was being the judgey one.

I was judging that they were judging me.

Don’t let the things that you PERCEIVE, that others are THINKING make you CHANGE who you are. YOU ARE YOU. You are the only you. You are the youiest you there is! Your differences, your personality & your style are what make you stand out! They make you unique. Don’t let any one dim that because of your desire to fit in someone else’s parameters.

If you need me, I’ll be over here, ENJOYING my time at the beach in my gym shorts, tank top and flip flops. Me- just being ME!


Hope • Help • Healing

M E N T A L • H E A L T H

Last week I had an appointment with the physiatrist at the U of M for the mental health study I am participating in.

{Quick back story if you aren’t aware. I suffer from PTSD from a past abusive relationship, actually several abusive relationships. After I had our baby girl, I had severe postpartum anxiety & depression- that I’m still trying to get a hold on.}

To be honest the whole process with the study has been annoying & frustrating on my end. I’m trying my best to stick with the program so I can help with getting better care in this area. For some reason the U.P. (Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where we currently live) is almost like cut off from the rest of the world when it comes to finding certain kinds of health care. My hubby lived in Alaska for 4 years and said he had better access to things there than we do here.

That being said, GOOD mental health care is really HARD to find. I mean there are doctors up here that will write you prescriptions and their are a handful of counselors here, but no psychiatrists or physiologists. This whole process has been so difficult that I’m ready to be done with the study and find care on my own.

This has been the process over the past 8 months-

• The Health Care Manager contacts me & asks if I need anything.

• I’ve been handed over to 3 separate care managers as they seem to be having issues keeping them on staff. That’s been frustrating in itself.

•I tell them how I’m feeling and fill out a survey. We discuss my medication and how it’s making me feel & any side effects.

• I’ve been wanting a change of medication doe several months now because I don’t like the side effects of the one I am on. Stopping an antidepressant is hard when you have been on a high dose for so long. Withdrawal symptoms are real!

• The cafe manager relays my concerns to the medical doctor.

• The medical doctor talks to the physiatrist.

• The physiatrist tells the doctor what prescriptions he thinks they should prescribe or what ones to keep me on, take me off of, change etc.

• The doc fills the prescriptions {Sometimes this gets lost in translation and they don’t get filled or they get filled improperly.}

• The care manager is supposed to call me back. {Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t, I honestly usually end up calling and ask if everything has been taken care of.} Then the care manager fills me in on what the doc & psychiatrist said.

This process takes about 2 weeks. Literally.

I feel like a lot of what I say and what the psychiatrist & medical doctor say gets lost in translation when it’s relayed back and forth so much and that I’m not fully being heard or told things properly.

I’m not sure if you know anything about depression or anxiety medication, BUT It takes about 4-6 weeks to take full effect.

So we have tried 3 medications that have given me undesirable side effects that won’t go away. I’m back at square one feeling like I haven’t gotten any help within the entire 8 months of the study.

This past week I got to actually meet with the psychiatrist via telemed (it’s like a secure version of Skype). I explained to him my struggles and frustrations and he totally understood that.

We have created a new action plan with finding the right medication & a counselor that does the right kind of therapy for my needs.

He told me since I’ve been shuffled around so much because of the staffing issues that he would be willing to meet with me directly from now on, which is also hopeful.

My biggest concern is not actually for myself in this process. It’s realizing how hard it is to get the right type of help in this area.

Now, as you know, I’m a pretty strong advocate for myself. I know when to reach out and ask for help if I need it. {even when I’m being stubborn about it, I can still realize the warning signs.}

But just think about someone who doesn’t recognize those signs in themselves. Or if someone was suicidal or if their medication gave them horrible side effects, and they felt hopeless & knew it would take too long to get actual help –

I have a legitimate fear for that persons well being. Their life could literally be in danger.

So this is why I’m sticking with the process of the study even though it’s been hard & frustrating.

They never promised me it would be easy, that’s why it’s called a study.

But I know it will be worth it.

I’m determined to help bring better care to this area and other rural areas!

If you feel like you need help there are several resources that can help you right NOW!

In our area we have a help line called Dial Help that is there 24/7 to offer help & support.

• Dial Help • Phone: 1 (906) 482-9077

We also have a woman’s Shelter for domestic violence survivors & their children. {I’m actually finishing up my volunteer training there this week!}

• Barbra Kettle-Gundlach Shelter •

Phone: 1 (906) 337 – 5623

• National Suicide Lifeline• Available 24/7

Phone: 1-800-273-8255

Live Chat: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/chat/

Remember there is always hope & always someone that can help, so you can start healing. 💙💜

Massage Retreat

😳 I’ve been so busy toddler-proofing I totally forgot to mention something HUGE happening this week!!! 🙌🏼

👉🏼 I’m headed out to OCEAN CITY, MD on Thursday to provide MASSAGES at Retreat for the LADIES at @The Crossing Church !!

As some of you know – I lived out on the East Coast for about 12 years. I owned my own Massage Therapy business & my friend Stephanie asked if I would consider doing massages for the ladies at a retreat for her church years ago. 💆🏼

I’m pretty sure the first year I turned her down, because I was worried about being around “church people.” Sigh.

But a year later, I eventually I said yes- thinking it would be a great way to make some extra cash and get my name out about my business.

They put us up in a fancy hotel & invited me to take part in their Bible Study and other activities while I was there,

But at that time God was not a huge part of my life.

In fact He was probably the last thing on my mind.

I kindly turned them down, I didn’t want to take part in the extra things at the retreat- BUT I did massages for the ladies all weekend & really enjoyed myself!! I remember going home feeling so full & refreshed just from speaking with all of them!

Little did I know, that one weekend years ago would plant a seed in my heart that would take YEARS and YEARS to grow. 🌸 They invited me back year after year to do massages. The demand got so high I had to invite another therapist to come with me!! There were just too many ladies for me to massage by myself in one weekend!

I invited one of my favorite massage therapists & dear friend, Carolyn to come along with me. She brought her Bible & took part in the studies and other fun things they had planned. I just hung out, rested & slept in my room in between massages. The ladies still welcomed me, made me feel comfortable, wanted and cared for-

Again, I went home feeling full & refreshed!!

⏭ Fast forward a few years-

I moved back home after literally fleeing the state from an abusive relationship. Moved in with my cousins, who invited me to church. And BOOM the sermon hit me between the eyes that day- I was hooked. I knew something needed to change.

I always felt like something was missing on my life-

Little did I know that it was ME missing out on God’s purpose and plan for my life! I poured my heart into church, learning as much as I could. I went to counseling, which helped me to heal- and even participated in a bible study, where I met Dallas & we got married 10 months later. 😉

Carolyn called me the year after Dallas and I got married to see if I could possibly fly out and do massages again- I was IN! 🙌🏼 But this time I was so excited to be ALL IN!

During my layover in Chicago I received a text message from Dawn, the coordinator for the retreat, asking if I would share my story of my past and why I decided to go to church with the group! 😬 Little did she know, I was PETRIFIED of public speaking, but I said yes anyway, knowing deep down in my heart that God would have wanted me to share it.

I got so NERVOUS about sharing my story,

I got sick- and not just a little sick- I got SICK SICK. 🤢

I got so sick I couldn’t even do the last day of massages, we had to find another therapist to fill in for me.

I couldn’t even get up out of bed. SICK.

But I was bound & determined to share my story.

I wasn’t going to let the enemy win.

So – with Steph & Carolyn by my side for moral support (and with a garbage can in case I puked) I shared my past story for the first time ever with about 80 women.

I cried, they cried, we all cried!!!

They were so supportive, kind and understanding- even during my nervous shaking voice.

The feeling that I got from sharing my story is something I can’t describe.

It’s a vulnerable relief sort of something.

It’s that something that keeps me going.

It’s that something that drives me to continually share my past, present & future.

I want others to see that there is a light at the end of that dark long tunnel,

You don’t have to feel or be stuck,

There is a way out,

There is HOPE.

There is ALWAYS HOPE. ❤️

💁🏼‍♀️ So this weekend, I get to volunteer my time by providing massages & care for these women that care so much for me.

👉🏼 This time, there are so many women coming that we have to bring 3 massage therapists with us! I’m even told there are already ladies REQUESTING me to be their therapist! (Hope they know I haven’t given a real massage in about 2 years🤪)

I am SO EXCITED to volunteer my time for these ladies!!

I can’t wait to take part in the retreat this year & participate in everything it has to offer-

Including the Bible Study! 😘

Bitter to Better


“We don’t have HOPE just because-

Jesus was a good teacher,

A prophet,

A miracle worker,

A healer.

The ONE and only reason we have HOPE is because he was resurrected from the dead. He came back to life to prove his love for us.”

~ Paraphrased from Pastor Levi at Easter Service this morning.

1 Peter 3:15 in the Bible says,

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you the reason for the hope that you have.”

My answer?

My hope?

Is Jesus.


Because I fully believe with 100% of my whole entire being that He saved me from my past & from an abusive relationship that would have eventually lead to my death.

I truly and honestly believe if I didn’t get out the day that I left, the day I literally fled the state while my abuser was at work, drove half way across the country to my family, I guarantee you I wouldn’t be here today. I know thats hard for some of you to hear. But it’s the honest truth.

I didn’t even know if I believed in God at that time. Well, I believed there was a God, but I don’t think I believed that He could do anything for me, or maybe I thought I had messed up too much for Him to take the time to help me. I didn’t think I deserved help because of the choices I had made.

But- He gave me enough strength to ASK for help. I didn’t even know what type of help I needed. I don’t even know what I said when I called for help. But God sent me 2 special friends who came to my rescue, they knew the type of help I needed. They got me out quickly & safely. I believe He rescued me so I could share my personal story of HOPE.

God guided me home safely & provided a smooth easy path. I drove a U-haul towing my car all by myself over 1,200 miles home to my mom- who had no idea I was coming.

If you know me, you might know that I have an eye condition that prevents me from seeing depth properly. I have no depth perception in my right eye, my eyes do not work together as a team & have a tendency to cross so, I see double a lot- especially when I’m tired and stressed.

For me to safely judge turns (like those around Chicago) with a huge truck towing a car was legit a modern day miracle in itself.

I remember being so scared driving all alone. I repeatedly said out loud to God & to myself, “Please, please I beg you just get me home safely, don’t let me hit anything or hurt anyone. Please just get me home safe.”

And guess what? He got me home safely.

Once I arrived to my moms house, I didn’t have a job, no money, no place to live but their spare bedroom. I didn’t have anything to my name- but I was SAFE.

I lived on auto pilot trying to get things squared away, accounts closed, passwords changed, address forwarded, my name taken joint accounts & bills and I tried to figure out my new life, what my new normal would look like. I honestly can’t remember that first month or two home. I was in shock.

I eventually moved to my hometown of Sioux Falls and in with my cousins. They so graciously offered to let me stay in their spare bedroom in the basement. They took me in as one of their own, treating me like I belonged, like I was instantly a part of their family, asking nothing in return. They wanted to help me get back on my feet & help me thrive.

My cousin invited me to Church, repeatedly. I turned her down a few times-

Then one day I decided to go, mostly to get her off my back- haha, But I really was genuinely curious as to why she liked it so much. Growing up I wasn’t ever really excited to go to church. I also felt like I owed it to God since He got me home safely.

The sermon that day was on being held hostage by bitterness.

Link to listen to sermon here:


I felt like it was directed right at me,

I felt like I was the only person in the auditorium that day.

Like there was literally a spotlight shining on me, the Pastor knew EXACTLY what I needed to hear that day.

I was a very bitter person.

Bitter at the abuse.

Bitter at my choices that lead me to that relationship & others.

Bitter at my abusers- yes there were several.

Bitter at myself. Just bitter.

And that bitterness was killing me.

From then on I worked hard,

Learning more about Jesus & His teachings,

More about the Bible,

More about what it really meant to have a relationship with Jesus.

More about Forgiveness.

I started listening to sermons and pod casts online.

I tuned in to the Christian radio station instead of my normal station.

I surrounded my self with POSITIVE people.

People who wanted nothing from me but for me to be the best version of myself.

This was the first time in my life that I felt like no one was out to get me, no one was trying to take advantage of me, make fun of me, or lower my self esteem.

They really wanted to help me succeed.

I went from BITTER


I’m not perfect.

Im far from it, but that’s why I need Jesus.

I have moments where I have flashbacks and I let the past get the best of me. I get angry and mad.

But FAITH is a journey not a destination.

I’m always growing & changing.

Always willing to learn.

I am confident in knowing where I can turn for hope & for help.

So this Easter Sunday I ask you,

Do you have hope?

What is the reason for your hope?


Tattoo Testimony

I did not make the decision to get a tattoo lightly. The reception of my new tattoo wasn’t taken lightly either!

Reactions varied from, Oh that’s so awesome! To was that what you really wanted? To mild shock, and some people were even disappointed in me.

The most surprising reactions came from other Christians like myself. Some coming right out telling me I would lose my salvation if I got a tattoo.

The most common verse quoted to me was Leviticus 19:28: “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.”

Others have told me that my body was not my own, that it belonged to God and I had no right to alter his masterpiece. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)

I guess we have to ask ourselves-

What does the Bible really say about tattoos?

When we look back at the Old Testament laws, we must do so through the understanding of the customs & rituals of that specific time period.

God gave the command about tattoos (Leviticus 19:28) to the Israelites around 1444 B.C. Right after the parting of the Red Sea, to forbid them from practicing the idolatrous customs they had picked up while they were being held captive by the Egyptians.

Their captors, the Egyptians, had a custom of slashing themselves to express grief & to appease their idols & gods. They also tattooed their bodies with symbols of pagan gods.

So God, basically said to the Israelites, I don’t want you to practice those silly superstitions. You ARE my people & I love you. So, you don’t need to do that to yourself anymore.

The HEART of God’s message isn’t about the tattoos, but it’s about reminding the Israelites that they belong to Him and there is no need for those rituals anymore.

In the New Testament, Jesus gave us a new way to understand the law. He actually fulfilled the law for us (Matthew 5:17-20). Jesus completed the requirements of the law (those rules written back in Leviticus) because God knew we could never live up to them. Because of Jesus, we have a repaired relationship with God (Romans 10:4-13).

If Christians today adhered to the legit literal application of every ceremonial rule & law handed down to the Israelites, No one would be able to –

• Eat shrimp or hamburgers (Leviticus 11)

• Mothers would be considered “unclean” after childbirth which means 40 days of separation from society after a boy, and even twice as long after a girl. (Leviticus 12) (now that I’m thinking about it would actually be amazing to put that law back in place!)

• Menstruating women would have to separate from friends and family for 7 to 10 days during that time of month (Leviticus 15)

• You wouldn’t be allowed to shave your beard or cut your hair. (Leviticus 19)

• Etc…

So is Getting a Tattoo a Sin?

It depends on how you look at it I guess.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 is a great verse to read when considering a tattoo:

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

The most important question to ask is,

“Will me getting a tattoo honor God?”

The tattoo I picked is a portion of a bible verse. Genesis 50:20, “ you intended to harm me; but God intended it all for good.”

I purposefully & prayerfully put my tattoo on my right forearm. So, when I shake peoples hands they will notice it & hopefully ask me about it. It will allow me to have deeper conversations about my past & my faith with people I normally wouldnt get an opportunity to share Jesus with.

People who would NEVER ask me about my FAITH, will ask me about my TATTOO.

I can share how Christ provided a way out of my abusive relationship & how He helped me recover from it.

How He gave me his strength & hope to travel half way across the country by myself without any money, no job and no place to live to escape my abuser.

How He handpicked & saved my husband specifically for me, so I would be able to experience a healthy marriage.

How He brought us though infertility and provided a way to have a family.

How He remained strong for us while I was fighting for my life in the hospital with sepsis.

That no matter how hard the things we go though that God will work it out for good.

It’s a reminder that my enemy will always try to harm me, and will try to find any way he can to stop me from sharing my faith & story.

If your motives are to glorify His work in your life (Romans 14:23), then a tattoo can be an excellent conversation starter and tool to use!

Just as we are commanded to do all things to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31), we can view the act of tattooing in the same manner.

The Old Testament law no longer binds Christians. Avoiding tattoo parlors, not eating shrimp or hamburgers and refusing to cut your hair doesn’t make you righteous-

Your acceptance of Jesus does!

His death and resurrection do!

While yes, you should honor God and remember that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 3:16; 2 Corinthians 6:16), you don’t have to let other people’s sense of religious rules constrain you from the truth.

Our Muse

She is a rebel soul,

Who lives in her own state of

beautiful anarchy.

You see my dear friends,

Wild Hearts?

They can not be broken-

And you just can’t tame,

Those souls who are

meant to be free.

Amber Dawn;

You are our muse,

You are our poetry.

Giving the eulogy at my childhood friends funeral was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Something I never ever imagined I would have to do.

Depression is a horrible indescribable disease.

It’s something that those of you that don’t suffer from it can’t possibly understand.

It doesn’t care if you are a good mother, an amazing wife, a beautiful daughter or a fun friend. Amber was all of these things are more. It is an overwhelming darkness that can come at you out of nowhere and knock you down harder that you ever have been before. One minute you are fine and the next its a full blow sucker punch to the face. It’s that whisper in the back of your head, gently tapping on your shoulder telling you that you will never be enough.

I’ve been asked several times if I was mad at her or if I thought what she did was selfish. No.

I don’t think my friend was selfish.

She was the exact opposite of selfish.

She cared too much.

She worried too much.

She held the weight of the world on her shoulders and she trudged though the mud – trying to do it all herself, trying to be strong all by herself, not wanting to burden others with her problems. She trudged on trying to be the strong one until the weight eventually broke her.

She was far too strong for far too long.

I’m not mad at my dear friend –

I’m heartbroken.

My heart aches because she hurt so badly.

My spirit is crushed because she felt that the world would be better off without her in it.

Maybe you feel like she felt. that the things you have done or are doing are far too much to be forgiven.

Or that feeling that you will never be enough,

that you will never be able to do enough,

or fix enough.

Please know there is Hope.

The hope I have is not a wish or a dream.

The hope I have is a solid assurance.

An assurance that we are all loved and all forgiven for the things we have done, are doing or will do.

Grace is a free gift given to anyone, you just have to be willing to accept it.

You may make mistakes, but please know-


Please help me honor my friend and help others by taking a few mins and watch my eulogy at her service.

It’s on my Facebook page and should be public. I can’t figure out how to upload it here- but will do so as soon as I can.

You have my permission to share.

Janet’s Eulogy for Amber ❤️

If you know anyone that has struggled or is struggling with depression- Or- if you or anyone you know has been affected by suicide or depression-

Please like, comment, tag them in it, share this post and share this video with them.

There is always hope.

Someone can always help.

You are not too far gone.

You are not a burden.

Suicide National Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Online Chat: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/chat/

Both Available 24/7

Janet’s Eulogy for Amber ❤️

Being BRAVE.

It’s funny how some things don’t seem hard until you made it though them and then you look back and think holy crap that was hard!! I can’t believe I did that.

And then there are other things that are hard from the get go. Things that scare you, but you push through them – because you HAVE to, even when you don’t WANT to.

Doing hard things is BRAVE.

I always thought that in order to do brave things & be brave that I had to stop being scared.

– Being brave isn’t the ABSENCE of fear.

Being BRAVE is pushing through the fear, it’s doing things even though you are scared.

It’s okay to be afraid!

Somewhere along the lines we are taught to Just stop being scared. While at times that can be a good thing, it has often stopped me from doing hard or things that brought on my fears. I would look at something and say well that scares me- so I guess I won’t do it.

Leaving my abusive relationship was hands down the hardest thing I have ever done, until last week.

Last week I spoke at my childhood friends funeral. She lost her battle with depression and took her own life. This news hit me so hard. Not only because I lost my dear friend, but because that could have been me.

There have been times where I felt so low, I’ve considered ending my life. Thinking it would just make it easier on everyone else around me.

I’m still in a fog of disbelief.

It’s a strange feeling that I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around.

I can’t get her out of my mind.

I can’t stop thinking of her family, her husband, her kids, her mom, her dad, her sister, her brother and all of those beautiful people that came to celebrate her life.

Walking up to speak at her funeral was one of the most surreal things I have ever experienced.

I was scared, yet calm.

Anxious, yet confident.

In a shock of disbelief but yet so sober.

I knew there would be a lot of people there, But; there were A LOT of people there.

She impacted so many people, most she probably didn’t even realize she affected.

Amber accepted you for who you were and made you feel comfortable with yourself.

I wish I could have done the same for her.

I wish that there was something I could have done to help her.

Depression doesn’t care who you are or where you are in life.

It doesn’t care if you are an amazing mom, a wife, a fun friend, because Amber was all of those things and more.

It doesn’t care that you have overcome & battled through the hard stuff, it doesn’t care that you are the happiest you have ever been.

It takes all that good in your life and it tells you that you don’t deserve it. It tells you that you aren’t worth it. Then, when you least expect it- it sneaks up behind you taps you on the shoulder and sucker punches you right in the face.

This is why I have to work on myself EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. This is why I surround myself with people who challenge me and make me better- even when my introverted self wants to hide under a blanket.

This is why I love my job. It encourages me to work on my whole self. I not only get to work on my physical self but my mental and spiritual well being. I’m always learning and trying to be as real and transparent as possible- so that others know it’s okay to not be okay. It’s okay to be okay one day but not okay the next.

It’s hard, some days I’m good, other days- it’s a struggle. There are days where I want to quit and give up, But I push though it anyway. Then there are days where I have so much planned and so much I want to do I don’t even know where to start.

I won’t wake up one day and be magically “fixed.” I won’t just forget about my past. It doesn’t work that way. Believe me I wish it did. Whether I like it or not, my past has shaped me into the person I am today.

All the good, the bad & the ugly.

Those same choices and circumstances of my past- the ones that whisper in my ear & tell me I’m not good enough- also give me the strength to push through and prove to my past self I AM good enough.

Yes- I made mistakes, but I am learning that I am not a mistake. Those mistakes don’t define who I am.

It’s okay to struggle it’s okay to fail.

Learn from it.

I’m learning to embrace it.

I am learning that I can use it to help others.

If me being vulnerable, scared, embarrassed, honest & open helps just ONE person know they are not alone, than it’s all worth it.

Health & Healing is lifelong journey.

It’s not a destination. You are always moving.

Embrace it, work with it, grow with it.

It will be hard.

But I can do hard things.

And so can you-

Even if you are scared.